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Keep Watch at Public Pools Keep Watch at Public Pools

Keep Watch at Public Pools! This is a program developed by Royal Life Saving Australia. It is based around the involvement of parents and carers to provide adequate supervision.


  • Children aged 0-5 years:          A parent or carer in the water at all times and within arms reach
  • Children aged 6-10 years:       Constant supervision by a parent or carer prepared to get in the water
  • Children aged 11-14 years:     Parents in attendance and checking on children

Prevent your child from drowning
Keep Watch. Water is a fun and enjoyable environment for children. Time spent in the water assists in a child’s physical and intellectual development. The ability to safely enjoy water continues to benefit us all at all stages of our lives.

Royal Life Saving – Australia is targeting risk areas for toddler drowning deaths such as public pools. Lack of direct supervision of the parent or carer while the child was in the water has been the main factor in 70% of the drowning deaths at public pools.

This has lead to Royal Life Saving – Australia developing the Keep Watch @ Public Pools program and Waliscag’s Water Worx fully subscribes to and supports this important public education program.

What is Keep Watch @ Public Pools?
Keep Watch @ Public Pools is a public education program aimed to eliminate all drowning deaths and reduce the number of near drowning incidences that occur in aquatic leisure centres, public swimming centres and pools.

Keep Watch @ Public Pools is targeted at parents and carers of children to help them understand the dangers of leaving your children unattended at the pool.

As a parent you have a responsibility to look after your own children – our trained staff do a great job of keeping our pools safe but they are not babysitters.

Water Worx fully subscribes and supports this important public education program.
The Keep Watch @ Public Pools program includes a range of strategies to help prevent drowning deaths and incidents from occurring at centres. These include a public education program that has a range of key supervision messages within the facility such as pool signage, safety messages on pool announcement systems and information cards for lifeguards to use to help educate parents.
Water Worx actively participates in this program and has strict policies for parental supervision which are supported by the Royal Life Saving Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations.

You are responsible for your Child at ALL TIMES
Children under 10 years are not allowed entry unless under active supervision of a person 18 years or older.
Parents or guardians should actively supervise their children at all times. As such, they should be dressed ready for action, including unexpected entry to a pool.

For 0-5 year olds and non-swimmers, a parent or guardian is in the water at all times (within arms reach) of the child. It is best if you are engaging with your child i.e. playing with them, talking to them, touching them

For 6-10 year olds a parent should be close enough to make eye contact with the child and be constantly watching them.

For 11-14 year olds a parent must regularly check on their child by physically going to the point where they are in or around the water.

Visit the Royal Life Saving – Australia website for further details Click here



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